Spindles & Ballusters

Here are some examples of decorative work (spiral, fluted, rope, etc.).  This is one of our specialties.  At right is one example of a single turning design decorated in many ways.  Most wood species are available.

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Sample Spindles


Although we're not a high volume door manufacturer, each door is hand crafted to your specifications.  We use staved core construction with heavy vaneers.  All faces are clear on stain grade projects.  Weather stripping and metal thresholds are available.  We will be happy to work from your drawing or design a piece to your satisfaction.  Most wood species are available.

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Columns & Pedestals

We can produce turned columns in most wood species up to 13" in diameter and up to 12 feet long.  Roping and fluting is available up to 11" diameter and up to 10 feet long.  Both interior and exterior stain and paint grade are available.  We also do split (half or quartered) pieces for applied mouldings, mantels, cabinets, etc.

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Curved Mouldings

Another specialty of ours is curved mouldings.  We can match your existing moulding or design a custom moulding for you.  We can produce both convex or concave, flat or crown mouldings, for curved walls, curved top cabinets, radiused cabinets etc.  As usual, stain and paint grades are available.

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Newel Posts

We will produce interior or exterior newels to fit your needs.  Both turned and boxed newels are available, including fluted or spiral design, or applied mouldings or rosettes.

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Posts from the Edison House Restoration


Quite often and sadly, someone will give up on a beautifully crafted antique piece or older home for lack of availability of the pieces needed.  Don't despair as another area that we excel in is turning back the clock and replacing rotted and broken parts as good as original.  Some projects include Thomas Edison's mansion at left, St. Agnes Church in NYC, a vast array of old Victorian homes and antique parts.

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We can produce finials and balltops for furniture, newel posts etc both in stain and paint grade up to 12" in diameter.

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Because we are 100% custom, we excel in bringing your ideas from concept to reality.  Therefore, we welcome specialty jobs that require that extra effort both in thought and design.  Realizing that you as the customer may need a little guidance bringing your dream to a finished product.

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